Lisa Marie Zander

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Lisa Marie Zander deals with appropiation of the built environment and the democratization of planning processes through artistic strategies and methods. She is self-employed in the area of art, architecture and design. Lisa Marie Zander started to develop a 13.000 square meter piece of Land in southern Germany using artistic as well as planning means. 2015 she graduated Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the Hafen City University, Hamburg. As a founding member of PlanBude, Hamburg she exhibited the successful bottom-up project at the „Wiener Secession“, at the „Baden-Württembergischer Kunstverein“, the „Bethanien“ in Berlin and the „Autostadt Wolfsburg“. In her Work Lisa Marie Zander combines planning strategies, artistic interventions and directly self-building. She holds lectures and seminars at the TU Berlin, Arch+ Features and HSLU Luzern. Currently she works at the Studio experimental Design at the HfbK Hamburg with Jesko Fezer.