Urban Territories II 2016

Core Subjects

In the seminar entitled Urban Territories 2 | Intervention Project, we will analyze the methods and theoretical approaches of Grounded Theory, Actor-Network Theory, and Participatory Action Research, as a follow up to the UD's topic of the year “Parapolis — The City of Residents.” The overall objectives of the Urban Territories 1 & 2 are, on the one hand, the teaching and practice of different methods of social science urban studies and, on the other hand, the pinpointing and development of the topic and the research subject. After the first year, students will have gained more than a repertoire of methods. They will have been encouraged to confidently apply the various methods or even their entanglement with one another. The basic core of this is the research interest in the Parapolis, meaning how to deal with the current challenges facing urban production.

We will apply the practical analysis of the various research methods in three takes, that is, pointing out and developing questions from certain perspectives, collecting data for a particular research interest, and then collecting again, interpreting, and presenting the results from the respective theoretical perspective by means of methodical approaches to analysis. Here we move iteratively, continue to hone the developed questions while simultaneously reexamining our motives.




5 CP
Kick-Off 05/04/16
Tuesdays 14.15 - 16.45
Room 3.109


Dr. Anna Richter


Post-doctoral Researcher