Community Building Poppenbüttel 43 2016


The term ›interculture‹ broaches the issue of culture as an urban resource. It furthermore emphasises the interaction between different ways of conception, action and interpretation. Why culture? If we analyse the city from the perspective of cultural practices, we will discover an interplay in which culture »introduces symbolic equilibriums, compensational contracts and more or less permanent compromises« (de Certeau). These contracts remain sustainable less due to their legal legitimacy but rather through establishment of a public sphere – a decisive aspect of the rationale behind implementation of performative formats in urban development processes as cultural programming. This also means: actively enlarging the scope of the term urban development by responding to the existing urban setting and using it to develop new potential courses of action.
The seminar centers on designing an open building process based on intercultural practices on the specific example of the Community Building Poppenbüttel 43. Refugees who are about to inhabit the follow-up accommodation in Poppenbüttel in the following spring will hereby be given the opportunity not only to participate in constructing their community building, but also to be a part of the “Planning” and hence to bring their own ideas and needs in the project.
This intercultural practice seminar observes, accompanies and reflects this process in order to reveal potential resources for the planning process. In close collaboration with the refugees, students can also “contribute to [the design of] social facilities through a meaningful identification with the new place of residence” („Poppenbüttel hilft“ initiative).

This seminar collaborates closely with IKP - The Agency Agency.



Intercultural Practice 2016
5 CP
Kick-Off 11/04/2016 16.15 h
Mondays, every 14 days
Room 2.106


M.Sc. Dominique Peck


Academic Staff, Ph.D. Candidate