Friedrichstadt, what do you do? 2016


Like many rural communities, the town of Friedrichstadt is confronted by issues such as demographic development, the exodus of the younger generation, vacant properties, and properties in urgent need of renovation. However, the “Dutch City” of Friedrichstadt is not just a small town of 2,500 inhabitants in northern Friesland, but a constructed and failed utopia from the seventeenth century. Planned as a world and port city, its historical setting is mainly visited in the summer by day-trippers while the rest of the year community life comes to a standstill.

For the BMBF competition, Friedrichstadt was nominated as a city of the future. The submitted application included extensive communication processes in order to involve as many of the residents in the development as possible. The application was supported scientifically by the Urban Design Education and Research Department.

Assuming that the city is in a constant state of production resulting from a variety of actions by different players on a day-to-day basis, we pose the question: What is Friedrichstadt (made up of)? What, how, when, where and who is Friedrichstadt?

This compact seminar is based on videographic methods and will use videographic interventions as a communication tool in the analysis. Technical knowledge is not absolutely necessary and will be conveyed in the seminar in relation to practice. If possible please bring a video capable camera and/or video camera and a laptop with basic editing.