The Agency Agency 2016


The term ›interculture‹ broaches the issue of culture as an urban resource. It furthermore emphasises the interaction between different ways of conception, action and interpretation. Why culture? If we analyse the city from the perspective of cultural practices, we will discover an interplay in which culture »introduces symbolic equilibriums, compensational contracts and more or less permanent compromises« (de Certeau). These contracts remain sustainable less due to their legal legitimacy but rather through establishment of a public sphere – a decisive aspect of the rationale behind implementation of performative formats in urban development processes as cultural programming. This also means: actively enlarging the scope of the term urban development by responding to the existing urban setting and using it to develop new potential courses of action.

agere, lat: to do, to act, to perform, to bargain

The intercultural research project "Agency Agency" aims to identify and enable options of being active, doing, taking action to refugees in Hamburg.
Procedure is a format finding process, based on refugees’ necessities and everyday concerns and interests in an active life.

Goal is the development of a transferable model of "Agency Agency" – an activity agency as an accessible, effective format by, with and for refugees (together with students and neighbours) which operates at the intersection between different activity options: being allowed to be active in the first place, an imperative of future employment and an immediate wish to act.
Prerequisites: aspects of empowerment, self-responsibility, of sovereignty, of social activity and of the active life are central aspects. Experience with and interest in film, performance, stage design and aesthetics are welcome, political interest is essential.

This intercultural practice seminar collaborates closely with IKP COMMUNITY BUILDING POPPENBÜTTEL 43



Intercultural Practice 2016
5 CP
Kick-Off 11/04/2016 16.15h
Mondays, every 14 days
Room 2.106