The Composition of the Urban II 2016/2017


Composition is the most important conceptual factor of design. But what does the term composition mean exactly? And how has it changed throughout the course of history? Today, the view of urban reality is less confronted by the question of which determinable object we are dealing with in regards the city. It leads instead to the question of how can we understand the city as a process of the urban? This addresses the question of what comprises the process of the urban and to what extent it can still be understood as a composition. On the one hand, we have to look for a compositional form that makes the indeterminacy of the city the basis of its determination. On the other hand, it is relevant how such a compositional form is presented and furthermore, which composition of the presentation is it affected by.
Students will form groups to examine important books of urban research along with their perspectives on composition as well as the modes of representing the city from different eras.



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Prof. Dr. habil. Christopher Dell


Professor, UFoK, OT and RFoP