24/01/19 Inside Out - Outside In. Shifting Architectures of Refugee Inhabitation


The contribution shows how shifting and interrelated definitions, ideas, promises and forms of realisation of “living” have enabled and structured the model project Begegnungshaus Poppenbüttel 43 / Building a Proposition for Future Activities. The project was conceptualised and structured from 2015 to 2018 simultaneously with and on the site of the urban development project Ohlendieckshöhe in the Hamburg Senate Programme Accommodation with a Housing Perspective (Unterkünfte mit Perspektive Wohnen - UPW). Actors from politics, administration, civil society, private companies, the HafenCity University Hamburg and refugees, who were accommodated in Hamburg, partially co-produced the project structuring phase 0. In this phase 0, small forms of notation - protocols, models, sketches, diagrams, memos, notes of conversations, etc. - are practical to get into work with definitions, ideas and promises of living. The dissertation Re-Positioning Project Management in Urban Design translates these small forms of notation into a project archaeology. Following the call to the workshop, the contribution aims to enable questions from this project archaeology along the following vector: If the motif is to give room to shifting forms of living rooms, how do actors who gather around this motif come into play?


M.Sc. Dominique Peck


Academic Staff, Ph.D. Candidate