Living at the Kotti D`Azur 2013

Master Theses

This research will contirbute to the formation of a new facet of inner-city revitalization processes in Berlin. Through the detailed portrayal of the life worlds of the actors, this research illustrates the reciprocal relationships bewteen the identity constructions of newcomer “gentrifiers” and the spatial and social structures of their new place of residence. Furthermore, we will analyze how the group of “pioneers” give a positive twist to the symbolic value of the “machine for living,” by means of communicative strategies and the placement of symbolic goods within the context of the relational spatial concept according to Martina Löw.

The literary narrative form of this work is a contribution to efforts to synthesize empirical fieldwork knowledge and underlying theoretical concepts into a form of communication that it is also able to communicate the interdisciplinary approach of this research also as cross-disciplinary. Through the intended format of a science novel that aims to attract a readership of experts from many different areas of urban research and beyond, and to sharpen their appreciation of the problems that are particular to this research.




Prof. Dipl. Ing. Bernd Kniess


Professor, Urban Design

M.Sc. Sebastian Bührig


Ph.D. Candidate

Prof. Dr. Angelus Eisinger


Professor, History and Culture of the Metropolis